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Portable 3 In 1 Fan AIr Conditioner Household Small Air Cooler LED Night Lights Humidifier Air Adjustment Home Fans

Portable 3 In 1 Fan AIr Conditioner Household Small Air Cooler LED Night Lights Humidifier Air Adjustment Home Fans

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The Portable 3-in-1 Fan Air Conditioner combines multiple functionalities to provide a versatile cooling solution for your home. Here's a detailed description:

  1. Fan: Equipped with a powerful fan, this device circulates air efficiently, creating a refreshing breeze to combat the heat during hot summer days. The fan offers multiple speed settings, allowing you to customize the airflow according to your preferences.

2- Air Conditioner: Acting as a mini air conditioner, this device helps to lower the temperature in your room. While it may not provide the same cooling capacity as a traditional AC unit, it's ideal for smaller spaces or for personal cooling. The air conditioner feature works by evaporating water to cool the air, providing a refreshing sensation.

3- Humidifier: In addition to cooling, this device also functions as a humidifier, adding moisture to the air to combat dryness. This is particularly beneficial in arid climates or during the winter months when indoor air tends to be drier.

4- LED Night Lights and Air Adjustment : The inclusion of LED night lights adds a practical and aesthetic touch to the device. These lights can serve as a gentle source of illumination during the night, offering convenience and comfort. The Portable 3-in-1 Fan Air Conditioner allows for easy adjustment of the airflow direction and intensity, ensuring optimal cooling and comfort for your space.

  1. Compact and Portable: Designed to be compact and lightweight, this device is easily portable, allowing you to move it from room to room as needed. Its portable nature makes it a convenient cooling solution for various settings, including bedrooms, offices, and small living spaces.


Overall, the Portable 3-in-1 Fan Air Conditioner is a multifunctional appliance that combines cooling, humidifying, and lighting features into one convenient package, offering versatile solutions for your household cooling needs.

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Customer Reviews

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Nasreen afzal

It came to me super well in everything and in good time in advance, only that the box arrived mistreated but it is the parcel

Hassan shah

Arrived faster than he estimates, three speeds and very good for its price is magnificent, recommended to the 100

Zaheer Abbas

ExcellentūüĎĆIt meets the characteristics and the power is good taking into account its size

shoaib zafar

Very good, with timer and the whole thing

Qadus ahmad

I arrived well, in good condition and functional

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